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About the Book

A leader’s blueprint to building a high-performing organization…

What distinguishes the most successful organizations? What do the leaders and managers in these top organizations actually do?

In this fascinating book, entrepreneur and business consultant Eric Douglas draws on his work with corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to paint a clear picture of what happens inside high-performing organizations. He reveals a simple but profound equation: Trust + Spark = Leadership Culture. Leaders and managers are most successful when they focus on building trust and sparking innovation.

In The Leadership Equation, Douglas expands the equation “Trust + Spark = Leadership Culture” into the 10 most important practices for building trust and spark. As the author shares these practices, he reveals both the fundamental systems at work in high-performing companies and the specific day-to-day things that today’s leaders must do to sustain high levels of success. As Douglas clearly shows, when trust and spark combine, leaders improve the performance of their team, their business unit, and the entire organization–and, ultimately, reach their own full potential.


Practice #1: Align the Core Values
Practice #2: Sharpen the Focus
Practice #3: Lead Through Others
Practice #4: Manage Decisions Well
Practice #5: Start With Yourself


Practice #6: Accelerate the Pace of Change
Practice #7: Stimulate the Creative Flow
Practice #8: Spread Systems Thinking
Practice #9: Multiply the Communication
Practice #10: Ask Powerful Questions

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