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Book Reviews

“What builds great organizations? Eric Douglas has gifted us all with the answer and the roadmap in The Leadership Equation. Implement his principles and you’ll find yourself the leader of a powerful, hyper-creative, high-achieving organizational culture!”

Marshall Goldsmith, author of New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“In The Leadership Equation, Eric helps you engender trust among your team as you spark their innovation drive. With 70 percent of employees describing themselves as disengaged or actively disengaged, this valuable book couldn’t come at a better time.”

Jason Jennings, New York Times bestseller, The Reinventors, Think Big, Act Small; andLess Is More

The Leadership Equation brings together culture and innovation and shows how to build successful organizations with an actionable set of practices.”

Tony Davila, coauthor of The Innovation Paradox and Making Innovation Work

“This is a great book and a great read. It describes what moves us as human beings and how to inspire leadership throughout an organization.”

Anne Stausboll, CEO, CalPERS

“In successful companies, trust and innovation go hand in hand . . . When they coexist, an organization’s capacity for success grows exponentially. The Leadership Equation hits you with a one-two punch; Eric helps you engender trust among your team even as you spark their innovative drive. As he demonstrates, when you can do both, you create a leadership culture that helps the whole organization excel.”

Judith E. Glaser, author of the bestseller Conversational Intelligence; CEO of Benchmark Communications; and chairman of The Creating WE Institute